Abhijit Ghorpade

– a passionate writer… especially about the issues in Weather, Environment and Water.

– simplicity in writing and strong content are his strong points.

– a journalist… accidently fell in to this profession, but did a lot in this field. Developed neglected beats like weather and environment in the Marathi journalism.

– currently working as “Senior Assistant Editor” @ Daily Loksatta, Pune (which is most prestigeous marathi language daily, part of “The Indian Express Group”.)

– recepient of several awards. Most prestigeous is- “Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism”. Received it in July 2010 by hands of then President Mrs. Pratibha Patil.

– has 5 books to his credit. All are must read in marathi language.

1. Lahari Hawa (2006), Continental Prakashan, Pune

It explains science, interesting facts behind the weather we experience. It also adds how it influences nature, environment and our life. Written in a very lucid language.

2. Global Warming (2009), Rajhans Prakashan, Pune

It is a detailed reference book, 1st of its kind in Marathi. Explains history, concept, science, impact, future and other aspects of global warming, that too in a very simple language.

3. Gatha Paryavarnachi (2010), Rajhans Prakashan, Pune

It throws light on 100 concepts in environment.

4. Santh Wahate..? (2011), Rohan Prakashan, Pune

It is first hand account about current status of rivers in the state of Maharashtra. It is result of about 3 months long survey of most of the rivers in the state, which includes personally visiting river beds, interaction with the people living on the banks, dialogue with the experts and analysis of the collected information / data.

5. Pani te Pani (2012), Rajhans Prakashan, Pune

It takes you into the facinating world of water. Throws light on several facets of water. It gives an idea about water as a whole.

(All these books have got awards including state literary awards.)

14 thoughts on “About

  1. घोरपडे सर, तुमच्या सत्कारसमारंभाला पुण्यात बालगंधर्वमध्ये हजर राहण्याची संधी योगायोगाने मिळाली होती. तुमचे वर्तमानपत्रातील लिखाणही वाचलेले आहे. पर्यावरणासंदर्भातील वास्तव केवळ न दाखवता त्यासंदर्भातील उपायही आपण सुचविता आहात हे खुप उल्लेखनीय वाटते.
    सर, विनंती आहे माझ्या ब्लॉगला आपण भेट द्यावी, आवश्यक सूचना कराव्यात.

  2. अनिल काथे says:

    मला आपले पुस्तक’ संथ वाहते’ कुठे मिळू शकेल? प्रकाशकाचे नाव कळू शकेल का?

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