When the Monsoon is born… (Colours of Monsoon 1)

Monsoon has arrived. It kept us waiting for a very long.. finally it is here in our courtyard. As usual, we are prepared to welcome it.. But this time I thought of doing something different. Monsoon has many more colours. I have planned to throw light on few of them through a series of articles… so be ready to enter into, “COLOURS OF MONSOON
– Abhijit Ghorpade

Monsoon1I remember an evening with Deep thick clouds- black and gray, consistent winds, heavy spell of showers and totally wet environment… In the past 4-5 evenings, same weather had prevailed. From late morning till late in the afternoon, it was a hot day. Towards evening there was a sudden change in the atmosphere. Sky became darker as if it was an evening. Atmosphere was calm.. but something was in waiting. Again it changed with high speed velocity winds, roaring clouds and breath taking lightening.. followed by Heavy Rains. Rains strike with a greater force till the entire atmosphere cools down.

Yes, it was raining, but arrival of monsoon was not declared yet. What else was needed to announce its arrival or the fellows from Met. Department were in a sleep?
Many times when it rains, Met. Dept says, it is not monsoon rain. But why it is so?? Many people are confused with this question.

Lightening is a peculiar characteristic of Pre-monsoon showers..

Lightening is a peculiar characteristic of Pre-monsoon showers..

But this question has a definite answer. Just raining doesn’t mean arrival of the monsoon. Rain has several types. Monsoon rain also has its own characteristics. The pre-monsoon showers (thunder shower) and actual monsoon rain, both are altogether different. Thunder shower makes lot of noise. It has shallower depth, it resembles an immature person. On the contrary, monsoon rain is calm and steady. It lets thunder shower to pour first. Once thunder shower is done, Monsoon sets in.. A very interesting thing about the Indian weather is- transition of roaring thunder rains into calm but faithful Monsoon rains. Observing this transition is the experience!

Is it that the thunder rain precipitates to inform- well in advance- about the arrival of Monsoon?.. who knows?
Roaring clouds and lightening are its true companions. In summer months, day gets very very hot. It irritates a lot. On this backdrop thunder showers strike hard in the evening. It has unpredictable path and direction. Though it helps to cool down surrounding, it trouble a lot as well. Rain water rushes in the houses-colonies, accumulates on the streets, fast blowing winds uproot several trees, crops are damaged, lightening causes few deaths and take its toll.. in a single strike clouds become empty and sky is clear again.

Consistent Monsoon showers..

Thunder rains are not widely spread. They have very little spread. It might pour in one village very heavily, but the neighboring village may be totally dry. This is how it is!

I can’t forget that day.. June had just started. Thunder rain started in the evening. After an hour or so, it stopped. Took some rest. Again started pouring till early morning. After midnight is became calm and mature. It rained in similar fashion for several hours. Yes, here I noticed the change. I uttered- hay, Monsoon has arrived! It was raining till next morning. I was curious to listen report from Met. Dept.

Next day started with thick clouds, spread all over and calm, consistent wind. Rain had stopped.. but atmosphere was wet. Behavior of Rain had also changed.

Monsoon bring such changes in surrounding area..

Monsoon bring such changes in surrounding area..

Met. Dept has its own method to find out arrival of monsoon. It is very technical. Met dept. refer where & how much it has rained, wind directions, percentage of humidity, how far cloud band has moved…

That day also same procedure was followed and announcement of Monsoon arrival was made in the afternoon… By the time it was too late, because monsoon did not wait for any such announcement. It had already arrived in the night.. very quietly, when entire world was in a deep sleep!

(A word, monsoon rain has been used purposely. Because monsoon is a type of winds. They come to our region in a particular season. Bring moist air and give rains. Many people wrongly use a word MONSOON for rains, which is not true.)

– Abhijit Ghorpade
Email- abhighorpade@gmail.com

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